Las Vegas…Again

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Later in November, after SeaWorld and my birthday party, we visited Las Vegas with our friends. Even though our last trip to Las Vegas had been fun, we weren’t in any hurry to go back. That all changed when our friends came in an orchestrated an entirely fun and educational trip, including many attractions outside the craziness of the Strip. IMG_9146 IMG_9137 IMG_9131 IMG_9136


On our first night, we visited the conservatory at the Bellagio.


What was fascinating was that everything was made out of lentils, small flowers, and the like.


The next day, we visited the Shelby Museum. We were inspired to watch the new “Ford vs. Ferrari” movie (we still haven’t seen it yet, though).


I got a picture next to my favorite car.


Then we all got pictures with our new pull-back toy cars.


We also visited the Red Rock Conservatory.


There I am, trying to look cool…and failing (in my opinion).


That night, we visited the Pinball Hall of Fame again.


There I am playing a driving game. The results don’t bode well for my sixteenth year, the rapidly-approaching driving age 😬.


At dinner, we had a contest to see how many pieces of shrimp we could successfully catch in our mouths. I won.


On our third day, we visited the Nellis Air Force Base for an air show.


I got a patch from the 926th air force group for my collection.


We also got a head-on photo of an F-35, the most advanced plane we’ve developed.


There was also a multi-million dollar fighter pilot helmet.

We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel, just outside the Strip.

IMG_9284 IMG_9285

Here are some more only-mom photos. Embarrassing!


On our way home, we stopped by Cracker Barrel. Guess who’s going to lose the game of checkers. This guy!

This trip really changed our perspective of Las Vegas. Now we know that there’s so much to do there without all the weirdness.

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  1. Great recap of the Vegas trip! Sorry about the checkers game. And by the way, those “only-mom” pics are perfect. ;D

      1. Well, make sure to get some practice games in before the official rematch. The competition is fierce!

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