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In early November last year, our family, along with some friends, purchased tickets to SeaWorld in San Diego. We had never been to SeaWorld before, and it was an amazing experience.


We started with a visit with our then-99-year-old great-grandmother. We treated her to a little piano recital.


Arriving at SeaWorld, the first thing we did was try out the new, 150-foot, 60 mph roller coaster Electric Eel. We were not all looking like that after the ride was done. Later, our friends gave me a framed picture of this for my birthday.


IMG_8814 2 IMG_8807

IMG_8841 2

During our visit, we were stared at by many different animals at very different angles.

IMG_8844 2 IMG_8845 2

Some were snootier than others.

IMG_8757 2

I lost a bet to my dad, believing that dolphins couldn’t leap this high.

IMG_8865 IMG_8861

I then changed into my alter ego…THE BAT RAY WHISPERER! By lowering my hand deep into the (freezing cold) water, I was able to trick the rays into thinking I had food, so they would come up to the surface.

IMG_8801 IMG_8802

On behalf of the younger girls, we had to ride some kiddy rides as well.

IMG_8797 2

Some of us over-exaggerated the excitement a bit.

IMG_8771 2

We made up for it with this.


This is a picture that only a mom would take.


Then again, maybe not.

IMG_8895 2 IMG_8902 2

We ended the trip by getting some In-N-Out and Krispy Kremes. We seem to have a theme going on now.

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