photosHello! I’m glad you’ve stopped by Let’s Learn, Kids, and I hope you swing by in the future from time to time, or even better, on a regular basis.

I love the topic of education. I love discovery and creativity (the gist of education as far as I’m concerned). And, most importantly, I love kids, including the full-grown variety. Yup, that pretty much covers everyone!

I’ll let you in on one of my little quirks, one of many since I’m a pretty quirky gal. I am mesmerized by the little section on a person starting from the eyebrows, climbing up and over their head, and ending at the nape of the neck. I don’t think of it as merely gray matter, but a mysterious and exhilarating wonderland—the place of contemplation and imagination. The place where dreams are born. The brain is amazing, there’s no question about it.

This intrigue in learning began surfacing a long, long time ago. In an average suburban home in Southern California, there once lived a scrawny, freckle-faced girl. That was me. (Oh how I dreamed of unblemished skin!) Under a 1970’s shingled roof I dwelled with my papa, mama, sister, and two brothers. As the oldest of four kids, I often played “school” with my younger, unsuspecting siblings. I wrote up permission slips, took them on “field trips” around the block and, to their dismay, required they sit upright at makeshift desks, following directions and working on dull worksheets. Not surprising, class sessions quickly unraveled. I wondered why they wouldn’t just sit quietly and behave like the kids in picture books, hands folded neatly in their laps. And for some reason, they seldom turned in their homework! I am relieved to say, my dear brothers and sister are gracious and don’t hold a grudge.

To say that my perspective on education has changed since then is quite the understatement. Instead of holding to the idea that learning requires excessive checklists and one-directional instruction, my paradigm has shifted to embrace the uniqueness of each child and guide them in a way that prepares them to develop and thrive in their specific talents and interests.

Now with four young children of my own, I’m having the time of my life guiding them in meaningful exploration of this world brimming with possibilities. It is safe to say they love to learn and, for that matter, are learning a great deal. Without any reservations, I admit that my husband and I make the most of fun opportunities the kids are getting. When they are studying medieval history, for example, we are right there with them, shooting bows and arrows and trying on knights’ helmets (which are heavier than you’d think!)

And since I’ve mentioned my husband—my handsome hulk of a guy who can carry a beat even in his sleep (he’s the best drummer in the world if you ask me!)—it is only fitting to include him in this ‘About Me’ section because we are a team in so many areas. We are partners in fitness, in business, and in child-rearing. We also share an affinity for the city of San Fransisco—our stomping grounds during the first several years as newlyweds. Even as I write this longer-than-necessary piece, he is scanning and cropping picture after picture for one of our Animals in Time activity books. I can’t thank him enough for actively supporting these passions of mine. Click here to follow us on Instagram!

Well, enough about ME! This website is here for YOU as a resource you can turn to when you are looking for creative ways to guide your young ones in meaningful learning.

Truly yours,