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I wanted to tell you about both parts of my EXTREMELY, MOST EXCELLENT, FABULOUS, MIND-BOGGLINGLY FUN fifteenth birthday! Yes, I’ll have to change all my bios on every single account and bust my hands over countless thank-you letters, but 15’s a milestone.

Part 1:

It’s our tradition that the birthday boy or girl gets a special birthday breakfast on their actual birthday, regardless of when the party is scheduled. However, since we had a study group that day, I had rather a birthday linner on Wednesday, October 30.


At that time, I received three new nice t-shirts, two nice long-sleeve shirts, two warm and comfortable sweatshirts, a stylish beige skipper shoes, and a promise of more gifts at a later date.

IMG_8714 IMG_8715

Plans for my party were already being formulated.

Part 2:

After some scruples in setting the date, we decided on Sunday, November 10. It was a very ideal sunny day. We planned to have a DIY BDAY (btw, I love acronyms, NOT!) making duct tape weapons and other projects.

They turned out great!


We made some pretty cool lamps as well.


There I am, being all scientific.

There were many battles.

IMG_9048 IMG_9062

Some of us were killed.


Some more gloriously than others…


(Of course Jaden had to stand right in the middle of my death)

Some decided they wanted to ruin the fun and go play football.


Then we all trooped back to our house for and presents. I had challenged everyone to make me a gift, instead of just buying something. I received a tin-can robot kit, a quill and ink, a 3D wooden puzzle, an initialed, tie-dye shirt and bandanna, a book about the 1936 Olympics, a framed picture of my friends and me at SeaWorld, a very comfy blanket and jacket, a paracord bracelet, complete with flint and steel, compass, whistle, and reflecting mirror, and book on calligraphy.


There I am, looking all dorky-like.


We ate dinner around the fire pit. Then some of our friends had to leave, but those of us who were left watched “Father of the Bride.” Then, when everyone had left, our family watched “Father of the Bride Part II,” finishing at 1 o’clock in the morning. We slept in after that.

It was an incredible birthday, and I’m so thankful to God for giving me such a great year and awesome friends!

Your friend,


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