Letter E – Esther the Eagle and George Washington

Animals in Time, George Washington lesson for kids

Typically when I’m attempting to coordinate details for a school project or study to happen on a specific day, especially a holiday, I sometimes find myself frantically pulling it together last minute. Not today, though! It just happens to be President’s Day on the very day I am reading Esther the Eagle from Animals in Time to the kids. (It happened to pay off that I’ve been slowly inching my way through the letters of the week with the girls. ;))

While I read, they colored the coloring sheet and found the items on the seek-n-find pages. Animals in Time, George Washington lesson for kids

They also walked in formation around the living room with stately silver candlesticks as a birthday celebratory gesture to Washington.

Next up is the adventure map to chart his journey north from Mount Vernon to accept his new title as president.

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