Letter ‘B’ Wrap Up

Bumble bee doing ballet
Bumble bee doing ballet


‘B’ week was so fun we nearly made it a ‘B’ month! We focused on skills and character while introducing them to what is fantastic in this world and useful for their lives, and it all can be done with each letter of the alphabet! Here’s a glance at what we did for letter ‘B’ that included boatsbridges, Braille, ballet, Bach, Beethoven, birds, bees, bravery, and so much more! We also planted broccoli, made butter, baked biscuits, assembled giant bubble wands, put together ‘B’ puzzles, bounced balls in baskets, and painted bird houses.

Thanks for stopping by to watch part one as I summarized ‘B’ week, drippy nose and all…I was recovering from a cold (let’s not make any ‘b’ connections here though, ok!) HA!

Also, please let me know what you think of what I’ve shared here, and let me know if you have any questions. The purpose for my sharing this is to hopefully offer encouragement through simple ideas and activities for anyone working with a young child. So speak up! I’d love to hear from you!

Please have a sweet time with your young one as you guide them in meaningful exploration, and remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your child a rich introduction to this world!

All my best,


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