Preschool/Kindergarten ‘A’ Week

Give your kids the world by starting with the letter ‘A’!
Here are hands-on ideas for math, geography, language, art, world cultures, science, and music in this video. I also share some thoughts on why and how to get it done.

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When the kids are young, my favorite way to introduce them to school is to introduce them to the world around them. It’s pretty much what any parent does with their child from the day they are born, but with a touch more organization. From my perspective, school is just that: learning about the world, how to function in it, and adding something unique and valuable to it. I know that a letter-of-the-week approach is nothing new, but here’s what I love about it. Before my kids dig into systematic, in-depth studies, I want to expose them to aspects in this world that are beautiful, powerful, accurate, inspiring and delicious. I want them to know about contributions individuals have made, whether through breathtaking musical compositions, life-saving discoveries, or time-saving inventions. When they learn about what others have done and how they did it, kids will begin to understand the value of diligence, hard work, perseverance, observation, and expression.

I want them to be people who are aware of their surroundings and are responsive. If they see someone needing a helping hand or an encouraging word, they know that they can make a difference. They can befriend the kid whom everyone else labels the “weirdo,” or they can write a ‘get well’ card.

I also want to know my kids intentionally and intimately. I want to be a student of my student. I want to know what sparks their interest and fills their soul. I want to understand their natural bent. I also want to help them understand how to get a handle on their weaknesses. I have a better chance of effectively guiding them if I know them, and continue learning about them. Watching a child grow is like slowly unwrapping a present, one bit at a time.

This just scratches the surface of what our letter-of-the-week approach provides. Oh yeah, and they learn to read, write, and count, as well! 😉

And to make sure I haven’t given the impression that we have all our “stuff” together, please know that, in spite of all the time and love we pour into our children, you may still witness a colorful tantrum at the grocery store, hear of a selfish action toward a classmate, or see sloppy penmanship on an assignment. We’re all a work in progress, but progression is what matters.

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