Tolkien Week 9

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Here’s this week’s encyclopedia.
Unfortunately I ran into a problem. I got three of the books from the library, and now I can’t extend them any more. Ugh, it was so painful dropping them off. The good news is that I’m getting them back again today. Of course, now I’ll have to put back all the sticky-notes I used to mark the sections I’m supposed to read.
I noticed something else as well. In the later books such as the actual Lord of the Rings books, islands have the prefix Cair. It might be that over time the names changed from Tol to Cair, or it might just be a different Middle-earth language. But what’s interesting is the castle of Cair Paravel in the Chronicles of Narnia, which was on a peninsula until it turned into an island. Maybe the Cair-island prefix is an Inklings thing, or maybe Tolkien got it from a language outside of Middle-earth. It would be interesting to investigate.
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