Tolkien Week 4


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Things are getting exciting in this study. I am using the encyclopedia a lot now. Can you believe there are forty-nine entries just for the letter E? I’m starting to notice some patterns in Tolkien’s language. The mountains all have the prefix Ered. The valleys all have the prefix Nan. The towers all have the prefix Minas. The hills all have the prefix Amon. I’m not sure whether Tol is a mountain, a river, or an island, though. And of course there are the different Sindarian, Eldarin, Noldor-ish, and dwarvish languages, so I would have to figure out which language this form belongs to. I’m guessing it’s Sindarian, but I can’t be sure. I’m thinking that next year I should try to figure out the entire language Tolkien invented 😱. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the timeline and family tree are going along fine. Now if only I could get through the Silmarillion and get to the next book.

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