Tolkien Week 26

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This was Tolkien housekeeping week for me. It seems that we all have time for extra things during this quarantine. When I originally started putting the encyclopedia together, I bunched together all the entries starting with T, even if they just began with “the” (the Black Riders, the Elves, the Ring). Later, I began categorizing entries by the first letter of the actual entry after “the.” This difference kept bugging me for a while, so I finally fixed it this week. Ahh, I feel so accomplished!

Here’s the encyclopedia and the genealogies:

Genealogy 1:1  Genealogy 1:2 Genealogy 1:3

Genealogy 2:2   Genealogy 2:3

Genealogy 3:2

Genealogy 4:2

Genealogy 5:2

Genealogy 6:2

Genealogy 7:2

Genealogy 8:2

Some new entries in the encyclopedia include:

  • The Black Breath
  • The Black Riders
  • The Nazgúl
  • The Sickle
  • The Plough
  • The Great Bear
  • Greenwood the Great

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