Tolkien Week 21

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I am really loving this reading plan that I’m using. It has every section of every book organized in just the right order so that you get the whole story of what’s going on. The parts from other books that explain things that aren’t included in The Fellowship of the Ring are really helpful. Just for a reminder, here’s the link that I’m using: You just put in the information about the books that you’re using, and it does the calculation for you.

Here’s the encyclopedia and the genealogy:

Genealogy 1:1 Genealogy 1:2 Genealogy 1:3

Genealogy 2:2  Genealogy 2:3

Genealogy 3:2

Genealogy 4:2

Genealogy 5:2

Genealogy 6:2

Genealogy 7:2

Genealogy 8:2

I added Éomer and Éowyn to Genealogy 8:2.

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