Tolkien Week 20

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Happy New Year! 20 weeks? WHAT? Time flies. I’ve just begun reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the second time, and I’m very much enjoying it. I think it’s interesting the way that the style changes from that of The Hobbit in the beginning of the book, to that of Tolkien’s later works toward the middle. I think it’s a clever tactic of Tolkien to illustrate Frodo’s emergence from the hobbits’ ignorance of the outside world into the terrible knowledge of the growing evil.

Here’s the encyclopedia and the genealogy:

Genealogy 1:1 Genealogy 1:2 Genealogy 1:3

Genealogy 2:2  Genealogy 2:3

Genealogy 3:2

Genealogy 4:2

Genealogy 5:2

Genealogy 6:2

Genealogy 7:2

Genealogy 8:2

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