Tolkien Week 13

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I’m starting to notice little parallels between Tolkien’s writing and different myths. For instance, Andor is an island in the middle of the Great Sea with a thriving, unsullied culture. When the king becomes greedy for eternal life and wages war against the Valar in the Undying Lands, Eru (the God-figure) destroys his fleet and the entire island. After this disaster, Andor is known as, wait for it, Atalantë. Maybe better known as Atlantis.

This is pretty crazy. We can now assume that the Great Sea is Atlantic Ocean. And after the Drowning of Númenor, Eru is said to have cast back the seas West of Middle Earth, maybe creating the Americas. I’m really excited to keep reading to find out what happens next.

Here’s the encyclopedia and the timeline:

FullSizeRender 7

Here’s the family tree as well:

Genealogy 1:1 Genealogy 1:2 Genealogy 1:3

Genealogy 2:2

Genealogy 2:3

Genealogy 2:4

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