Tolkien Week 11

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I finally got fed up with the family tree system I was using. It only allowed you to see the genealogy of one member and you couldn’t download it, so I would have had to copy the entire thing again somewhere else. So I looked around a little for any other free, online flowchart builders, until my mom suggested I just create one on a Pages document with texts, boxes, and lines. Texts and boxes and boxes and texts and lines and lines and more lines and more boxes and more texts.

Deep breath.

I had been trying to avoid this since the beginning because the mere thought of that mind-numbing endeavor gave me headaches. But I took a deep gulp of air, and started.

It wasn’t that bad (of course, I’m saying this after my first day. Wait for day 20 or so). The software and self-correcting systems weren’t as frustrating as I thought. Here it is so far:

Genealogy 1:1  Genealogy 2:1  Genealogy 3:1 (these pages go side by side horizontally)

Unfortunately, Eru’s offspring are so numerous that they take up two landscape documents. So I’ve given each document a grid coordinate, and when I print all the pages out at the end, I’ll assemble them like a grid. I’m using green boxes for the Elves, red for the Valar, pink for the Maiar, blue for the Men, and black for the bad guys. Another helpful thing that I’m doing is categorizing all the members by generations. Then, I can have neat horizontal lines across all of the documents showing each generation. It’s going to be fun, I tell you.

Before I forget, here’s the encyclopedia. We’re closing in on ten thousand words, folks. Hang in there. Stay tuned.

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