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Well, it finally happened. For a while, my siblings have been (loudly) noticing that my sight hasn’t been as good as it used to be. When my grandma finally commented on it, my parents decided it was time for a trip to the optometrist. Keep in mind I hadn’t been to an optometrist for five years.

The conversation the optometrist made was rather funny:

Doctor: So, you’ve never had glasses before, huh?

Me: Nope.

Doctor: That’s great. Let’s get started.

After the examination…

Doctor: So, you’ve never had glasses before, huh?

Me: No,

Doctor: Well, you need them now.

Enough said.

After two weeks of looking, we finally found the perfect BOGO deal from Sam’s Club. I walked home that day, the proud owner of a pair of smoky-grey, translucent glasses…


…and a pair of blue translucent sports “goggles.”

IMG_7718 IMG_7722IMG_7720 IMG_7723

Jaden thought the sports glasses looked like Falcon’s goggles. I took it as a complement.

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