Animals in Time: Volume 3, American History STORYBOOK ***PDF DOWNLOAD***


Hop, pounce, flap, and bounce back in time with these A-Z animal adventure stories. Catch fish and plant crops with Bary the Bear as the Pilgrims build a new life in a new world. Dodge whizzing bullets and roaring flames with Griffy the Goose as he helps First Lady Dolley Madison escape from the White House during the War of 1812. And hike a tall mound of earth with Uri the Urial for a better view as Neil Armstrong and other astronauts of Apollo 11 shoot toward the moon during the 1969 Space Race. Kids will meet American heroes and artists such as Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Mary Walker, Neil Armstrong, and many others. They will begin their journey of learning how leaders, battles, and everyday folks have shaped the history of the United Staes, from early exploration to the modern age.

Animals in Time materials work well for a range of ages. Kids in upper elementary will gain understanding of the events in history based on the abundant facts supporting each story, while younger children will connect to the memorable characters and their adventures. The stories progress alphabetically, which provides for the possibility of a letter-of-the-week approach.

Great to use at home or in a group setting!

“We just did week 2 of Animals in Time! The kids love this program. They can't wait till next week to hear the next story and find out what the animal is. They really like the worksheets as well. The games are amazing also! I love how it all works together!!!” —Abbie

“The kids in our community love Animals in Time so much that the families with older kids have started volunteering to be the helpers. They would be so sad to miss this amazing class that their younger friends get to do!” —Carrie

“I keep forgetting to mention how much we love Animals in Time. I have been reading the stories, but waited to let the kids have the activity book until after the holidays. Let me just say I can never find it because they pull it out and do it. We were supposed to be doing math, but instead my son was looking at his activity book.” —Annmarie

And don't forget the Animals in Time, Volume 3 Activity Book and Notebooking Tools to accompany this storybook. COMING SOON!

8.5 x 11 in
234 pages
Over 100 color pictures made by kid artists around the U.S.

(Our Animals in Time, Volume 3: American History Storybook compliments Classical Conversations, 5th Edition, history for Cycle 3.)

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