ANIMALS IN TIME Essentials Childcare package


For fellow Classical Conversations friends! If you are caring for the littles during Essentials, I have a package to share with you that will help you organize a fun afternoon with games, activities, and snacks that will bolster what they are already learning. We follow a letter-of-the-week approach based on stories that take the kids on a journey of the event, time, or person highlighted in the history sentence of the current CC cycle. It’s history through the eyes of animals! A unique element is that kids wrote and illustrated the stories. As the kids in your class listen to and look at the stories written by children, they will be inspired to create as well. They will be able to design their own pictures based on their interpretation of the story you have read to them as they create their own comic, and by the end of the year, they will have a “book” of their own collection of pictures based on the history topics. I will also include a hands-on activity idea for the youngest ones (2-4-years old) to engage with the topic.

The ANIMALS IN TIME Essentials Childcare package includes:

-a PDF of the stories in a format that will be conducive for read-alouds in a group setting with full-page pictures, to be used with an iPad (or other device) or printed out
-templates for comic and coloring sheets (3 options per week)
-hands-on learning activity idea for younger students -game ideas correlating with stories -snack ideas correlating with stories
-shopping list